Apache Server Survival Guide
(Imprint: SAMS.Net)
Author: Manuel Alberto Ricart
Publication Date: Oct-96
ISBN: 1-57521-175-0

This book, written by a system administrator for system administrators, gives you behind-the-scenes solutions to Apache Server administration. Real-life examples teach you how to maximize Apache's power in a client/server environment and on the Web. You'll learn how to secure your environment, implement troubleshooting programs, run an intranet, conduct business on the server, and more.

About the Author

Part I: Getting Started: Installation and Configuration

Chapter 1: Why the Apache Server?
Chapter 2: Installing and Configuring the Apache Server
Chapter 3: Organizing Your Web Site
Part II: Beyond the Basics: Advanced HTTP Server Functionality

Chapter 4: Virtual Hosts
Chapter 5: CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming
Chapter 6: Server Side Includes (SSI)
Chapter 7: Third-Party Modules

Part III: Complete Reference: Apache Configuration in Detail

Chapter 8: Apache Configuration Overview
Chapter 9: Apache Server Core Directives
Chapter 10: Apache Modules

Part IV: Keeping Up: Web Server System Administration

Chapter 11: Basic System Administration
Chapter 12: Web Server Performance Tuning
Chapter 13: Web Accounting
Part V: Security: Options & Procedures
Chapter 14: Secure Web Servers
Chapter 15: Access Control and User Authentication
Chapter 16: Web Server Security Issues
Part VI: Other References

Appendix A: Un-CGI Version 1.7 Documentation
Appendix B: Managing Virtual Domains with sendmail V8
Appendix C: FastCGI
Appendix D: HTML Reference Guide
Appendix E: DNS and BIND Primer