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The Swift Survey Maker

Create your very own online surveys, feedback forms, tests, and questionnaires for free using this service. Simply click the button below, follow the prompts, and enter your information. A separate survey web page will be automatically created for you, and you can save the new document and use it free of royalty on your website.

Surveys generated will allow your website visitors to enter information and to transmit their input directly to your e-mail for fast and easy viewing. You may enter up to 100 questions and ask varying types of questions, including True/False, multiple choices with single/multiple answers, and questions requiring text input from the user. This versatile utility can also be used to create tests for teachers.

Note: The Swift Survey Maker requires a Javascript compatible browser, but surveys created with this service do not use JavaScript and should work with any browser supporting mail forms, including Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and Netscape Navigator 3.x+; there may be exceptions. Form code can be adapted to point to your own CGI mail handler, if permissible, thereby making the form available to all users.

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Swift Survey Maker
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