My Favourite Software


ActiveSync - Backup/Synchronize Pocket PC
Adobe Acrobat - PDF viewer
AIRoboForm 4.6.8 - Password Manager (last freeware version)
Audacity - Audio Editor
AudioGrabber - Rip audio from CD's
Azureus Bittorrent client - Download utility for Torrent P2P downloads
Bart's Boot Disk - Boot to DOS or Windows off a CD
CutePDF Writer / Ghostscript / GhostWord
Deamon Tools - Virtual CDROM
Desktop Sidebar Google Desktop replacement
Download Express - Multithreaded downloads
DupKiller - Find and remove duplicate files
DVD Shrink - Backup DVDs
Eudora - Email
Filezilla - FTP file transfer
Firefox - Web Browser
Gaim - All-in-One Instant Messenger
Gimp - Image Editor
Hamachi - Peer-to-peer VPN
Iometer - Test File Transfer Performance
iPerf - Network Performance Testing
IrFanView - Image viewer/editor
Knoppix / Ubuntu Live - Bootable Linux CD
Lame MP3 Codec
LogMeIn - Remote Control Application
MetaSploit - Test Network Security
mp3directCut - Lossless MP3 trimming files
MSN Windows Live Messenger - Instant Messenger/VoIP
Multishow - Slideshow for multiple monitors
Nagios - Monitor Network Systems
Nessus - Network Vulnerability Scanner
NetSnippets - Download data from Internet
NetStumbler - Find rogue WiFi networks
NMap - Quick Scan and Audit network resources
OpenOffice - Microsoft Office Replacement
Paint.Net - Image editor replacement for MS Paint
Prime95 - Stress Test CPU
PSPad - Text/HTML Edit with editing over FTP
PSubst - subst command for Windows
Putty 0 SSH-Secure Terminal
QuickTime Alternative
Real Alternative - Alternative to Real Player
rmemp - Remove Empty Directories
SendtoFTP - FTP Client
Skype - Instant Messenger/Voice over IP (VoIP)
Skype Pamela - Answering machine/recorder for Skype
SlickEdit - Text editor up to 2 GB in size
Sun JRE - Java Runtime Environment
SyncToy - Synchronize files between two systems
SysInternals - Various tools such as RegMon, FileMon, ProcessMon
SystemRescueCD - Linux-based bottable CD
Tomboy - Note taking application that works like a wiki
TopStyle Lite - CSS Editor
uTorrent - Download utility for Torrent P2P downloads
VB4/VB5/VB6/.NETv1/.NETv2 Runtime
VMWare Player - Boot just about anything in a virtual computer
VNC/UltraVNC - Remote Desktop Access
WinKey - Customize Windows Key
X-Lite - SIP-compliant soft phone
WinSCP - Secure FTP Client over SCP
X-Lite - Voice over IP client (VoIP)
Picassa - Photo Manager
CoolRuler - Virtual on-screen ruler
PowerMenu - Adds minimize to tray and always on top to system menu
WinAMP - Media Player
Xenu Sleuth - Check links on web page
GhostWord - Create PDF's from MS Office Applications
CutePDF - PDF Printer Driver
DivX - Video Codec
Ghostscript - Command line tool for file conversion
TUGZip - Excellent lightweight WinZIP clone
AVG - Free AntiVirus
ZoneAlarm - Free Firewall
Asterisk Logger - Use to recover forgotten passwords
Color Scheme Designer - For web page development
GPSGate - Virtual COM Port for USB only Garmin GPS
Network Stumbler - WiFi network scanner


Dreamweaver - WYSIWYG Web Editor
Ghost - Backup and restore partitions
Nero - Author and burn CD/DVD-ROM
One Note - Note taking and organizational tool