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 HTML Authoring Tutorials

This information page is for the benefit of those that stumbled upon a tutorial online.

The tutorial you came from is part of a package of HTML authoring tutorials. This package is distributed as WebTutor and is available as freeware through several major shareware sites. If you are viewing this online or on a private intranet, then someone has downloaded WebTutor and posted it on their (or your) server. This is perfectly OK. Permission is given to re-post the tutorials in this manner.

If the tutorials have been posted properly and in their entirety, the Table of Contents should be available here. If you're running an older browser and JavaScript gives you grief, a non-JavaScript version of the Table Of Contents should be available here.

The version of the tutorials that you are looking at now is 3.0. To check if this is the most up to date version, look here.

The most recent version of the tutorial package is always available here.