Professional Web Design
HTML Authoring Tutorials v3.0

DESCRIPTION: Easy to use web page authoring tutorials covering basic and advanced web page design. The tutorials are in HTML format so you can go through them with your web browser. If you've never created a web page before, the basic tutorial will guide you gently though basics of HTML. And, if you know the basics, the advanced tutorials will show you how to add additional features to your page.

IN A PAST LIFE these tutorials were released separately as "So, you want to make a Web Page!", "Table Tutor", "Form Tutor" and "Frames Tutor".

THESE TUTORIALS ARE FREEWARE. They are not copyrighted. You may use and/or distribute them to your hearts content.
If you wish to post them on your public or private server, you can.
If you wish to translate them into another language, you can.
If you are a teacher and you want to use them for teaching purposes, you can.
If you want to include them on a CD with other Internet programs, you can.
If, for some lame reason, you copy them verbatim and call them your own, I will have no choice but to tell mom, and boy will you be in trouble!

1) Windows95 is the operating system they were intended for. Although without much trouble at all, users of Windows3.x should be able to go through the lessons just fine.
2) A web browser. Preferably Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later. MS Internet Explorer 3.0 or later will do if that's all you have (or want). I haven't tested the tutorials with other browsers so yer on yer own.
3) A text editor. Notepad will do nicely for now.
4) A comfortable chair and an attractive member of the opposite sex to tell you how computer geeks are sexy and to rub your neck if it gets stiff.

INSTRUCTIONS- SHORT VERSION: Double-click on webtutor.exe. After the files extract, find the WebTutor/HTML Tutorials shortcut in your Start Menu. Have fun.

ADDITIONAL NOTES & INSTRUCTIONS: I've put this together as a self extracting zip file. All it does is unzip everything into C:\WebTutor. Additionally I've written a small batch file that copies 5 shortcuts from C:\WebTutor\misc to your Start Menu. Two of the shortcuts point to the same Table of Contents page but they do it in different ways. The next two shortcuts point towards an alternate directory page that contains no JavaScript. The fifth shortcut is to this Readme file. No other files are copied, moved, modified or otherwise scattered about your computer. To "uninstall" these tutorials, simply delete C:\WebTutor and the WebTutor shortcuts from your Start Menu. If, while extracting the files, you opted to install in a directory other than C:\WebTutor (or if you're using Windows3.x), you will find that your shortcuts did not install properly and you'll have to make your own. No biggie. The file you want to get to is (would have been?) C:\WebTutor\index.htm. Since all four tutorial shortcuts point to essentially the same thing, feel free to get rid of all but the one that works for you. Since there is also a link to the Readme file in the Table of contents page, you can get rid of that shortcut too if you like.

JAVASCRIPT ERRORS: If you're getting JavaScript errors when you use the directory page then your browser doesn't understand some of the scripting (An error is not necessarily an error). If this is the case, the index page you want to use is C:\WebTutor\index2.htm. It's the exact same thing but without JavaScript. There should be a shortcut for it in your Start Menu (HTML Tutorials - Non JavaScript version).

1) I'm not entirely happy with the crude "installation" I currently offer. If someone is willing and able, these tutorials could use a lightweight but professional installation routine, both Win95 and 3.x.
2) If you are proficient in JavaScript, you can easily see that I'm not a programmer by trade. I welcome any improvements to the various scripts, especially those that would make them run, or run better in Explorer.
3) I'm getting bored with my Professional Web Design 'logo'. It's the big blue thing at the top of my homepage. If you're so inclined, whip up something and send it to me. No promises, but if it tickles me in just the right way, I'll use it and give you a good link.
4) I've gotten many requests for permission to translate these tutorials into other languages. I've said yes to all but didn't have the foresight to follow up. I know that there are translations out there in various stages of completeness. What I want to do is compile a list of completed translations. If you are aware of a translation that is complete and well done, drop me a line.

Have fun & good luck!

Joe Barta
  Professional Web Design

Version history

v3.0 (July/97)
Bundled all four main tutorials into one biggun.
Added Color Picker
Threw in as a bonus a few other tutorial-ettes. (oh boy!)
Included a remote Table of Contents for JavaScript Enabled browsers.
Included a copy of Kevin Werbach's Bare Bones Guide to HTML.

---these versions were separate---
Minor additions & corrections.

Added link to Web Resources. Minor typo corrections. Minor additions.

Changed all html file extensions to htm. Numerous alterations, additions, corrections.

v1.0 (Sept/96)
Original release.