Frames Tutor- Lesson 7
(last one!)

Well folks, that's it!

For this tutorial that is. You have learned everything you need to create Framed pages. There is a little more, but 95% of what you'll need to do can be done with what was covered in this tutorial..

Be sure to check out Form Tutor and Table Tutor!
Here are some excellent materials that you may want to have a look at.

The HTML Reference Library
An outstanding html guide and reference source in windows HELP format. I use it all the time. You may even want to visit their homepage.
Beginner's Guide to HTML
A good concise guide that explains the basics very well. I keep a copy and still refer to it on occasion.
Barebones Guide to HTML
Another outstanding guide that you will want to keep within easy reach. (This reference is also included as part of this tutorial package. Access it locally here.)
HTML Elements List
For the technoids. From Sandia National Laboratories. A very, very complete listing of html tags.
The Web Developer's Virtual Library
A great source of information touching on all aspects of web and site design.
If you need stuff for your pages... backgrounds, bullets, images, sounds, JavaScript or whatever, come by our Web Page Resources section. Help yourself to armloads of stuff!

If you would like to add a link to the Professional Web Design site, you are welcome to use the following...

This site designed with
a little help from:
Professional Web Design
HTML authoring tutorials

Just grab the above image, save it as proweb1.gif, and paste the following HTML code into your page...

<FONT SIZE=2 FACE="Arial">This site designed with<BR>
a little help from:<BR>
<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="proweb1.gif" ALT="Professional Web Design"
<I>HTML authoring tutorials</I></FONT>

Or if you prefer to just use the image...

Professional Web Design

<A HREF="">
<IMG SRC="proweb1.gif" ALT="Professional Web Design"

Make sure that proweb1.gif is in the same directory as your page.

(These are just suggestions. You can, of course, link any way you want or not at all. You can stand on top of a bus and point at me if you want.)


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