This page contains basic HTML elements. You can selectively change whichever ones you want using Live Page Change. For instance, if you choose a color from the pallette, the background of this page will change. The text you are reading is in a paragraph. Select "Change the [foreground color] for the [p] element" in the top frame. Now you can change the color of the paragraphs on this page to whatever you like! This paragraph also has an ID of 'loner'. If you choose 'id' from the list, you will be prompted for the name. In this case, enter 'loner' and you'll have control over just this paragraph (without affecting any other paragraphs). You can use this idea to gain control over any single element of your page!

This is an h1 heading

This is an h2 heading

This is an h3 heading

This is an h4 heading

This is an h5 heading
This is an h6 heading
This is Bold text.
This is Italic text.
This is Underlined text.
This is Strikeout text.
This is big text.
This is small text.
This is Subscript.
This is Superscript.
This is plain, monospaced text in a samp tag.

This is Centered text.

This is a paragraph. There will always be an empty line before and after a paragraph. So it displays as a seperate "block" of text.

This text is between <blockquote> tags. It is separated like a paragraph with an empty line before and after, but it is indented. You can use it to add special emphasis to a given passage.

  This is a link.
This text is in a SPAN tag, and following is an IMG:

The following elements are part of a FORM:

Radio button 1
Radio button 2